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Jay Reeves, JD

speaker, writer, Law Life jump-starter, coffee drinker, star gazer, vinyl record spinner, husband, father, coach, grateful traveler on this grand journey

   This is not about me. It’s about you.

   Yeah, that's me over there. But you're the star of this show.

   And you can shine even brighter with the help of Your Law Life.

   I became a licensed lawyer in 1981. That was a long time ago, in a galaxy far away (Ronald Reagan was president and MTV was a new thing). Since then, I've worked in a firm, started my own practice and done some other things. I know the pressure. I've felt the demands. I've dealt with difficult clients, draining cases and daunting competition.

    These days I work for Your Law Life. We help lawyers and firms create great law lives. We love what we do. You will too.

Some law stuff about me
I graduated from the finest law school in South Carolina (hint: it was the only one in the state at the time). I practiced law in South Carolina and North Carolina, where I concentrated in representing lawyers in State Bar licensing and disciplinary cases. I worked for Legal Aid. I made the Pro Bono Honor Roll because I believe in pro bono. I was a corporate lawyer. I was Vice President and Risk Manager for Lawyers Mutual Liability of NC. I wrote the advice column (and book) "Ask the Risk Man." 

Some other stuff
I love reading and writing. I was a Law Review Editor (at USC) and Legal Editor (at Lawyers Weekly). I've conceptualized, written and edited content - web pages, blogposts, eblasts and press releases - for some of the top firms in the country. And lots of stories - fiction and non-fiction - for lots of publications. Twice I won the NC State Bar Journal Fiction Contest. Here's one of my winning stories.

Oh, and some know me as owner of the record store/coffeeshop Vinyl Perk, which snagged some Chamber of Commerce awards and a "must visit" review in the New York Times travel section.

Along the way I participated in creating four miniature human beings (no longer miniature) and I've coached youth baseball and taught first-graders and painted houses and learned to juggle and, and ....

But enough about me. Your Law Life is the star here. Let's get to work, shall we?

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