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Let's Get Going!

Over the past 37 years I've worked with many lawyers and firms.
Some are unhappy with their Law Life. It isn't what they'd dreamed of.
Others like what they do but lack time and money freedom. They want better clients. They’re too stressed to enjoy life.
We’re here. We can help.
Jay Reeves - Your Law Life

Want a Law Life you love?
It's waiting for you.
We can help you find it.



We Can Show You How


Want an Inspired Law Life? One that's healthy and balanced? One that delivers time and money freedom while making a positive difference in people's lives? Let's begin. The rest is easy. 

Website and Messaging Tuneup


Want a better website or social media strategy? Fresh, custom content to boost SEO and bring in business? Messaging to tell your story in a powerful way?
We can help.

Marketing Jump-Start

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Know you should be marketing but got your hands filled running your practice?
The Marketing Jump-Start can take that load off your shoulders. Designed and priced especially for solos and small firms. 

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Speak to me!
Need a speaker for your next seminar or bar meeting?
Want to improve Your Law Life?
Just gave a talk at the Wisconsin State Bar - your place next?

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Your Law Life
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