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Once upon a time …

There were three lawyers.

One made plenty of money but was too busy, stressed, and out of balance to enjoy it. One struggled financially and felt stuck. And one regretted not having gone into small engine repair.

What’s the story of Your Law Life?
Could it use more Purpose? Profits? Peace of Mind? Call us. Together we’ll write a great new script.

JAY REEVES, writing success stories for 40 years

You’re sitting on a goldmine.
It’s your unique story.
We can help you tell it.

Jay Reeves


Workshops and e-Coaching


The ABA Well-Being Report drew a grim picture of our profession. Is Your Law Life healthy? Does it bring time and money freedom? Our workshops, keynotes, and one-on-one coaching will add Purpose, Profits and Peace of Mind to your practice.

Story-Based Branding


What makes you different than your competitors? Hint: it’s not where you went to school. Or your good looks. It’s your story. Nobody else can claim it, own it, or profit from it like you can. Here’s why we’re the ones to help you tell it.

Marketing and Messaging

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Too busy running your practice to market it? We’re here for you. Our Marketing Blueprint uses your unique story to grow your business. Website tuneups, creative content, blogs, social media, taglines. We turn Story into Success.

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Unsure where to begin?
Start with a
telephone consultation.

One-hour for $50.
You set the agenda: from websites to wellness.
You get: solutions and strategies for success.

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Not long ago, Jay gave the keynote talk at the Wisconsin State Bar annual CLE. That night, the Milwaukee Brewers won a pivotal game on a thrilling, walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth. Coincidence? We think not.

Want a SPEAKER for your seminar?
PRESENTER at your bar meeting?
LIVE CLE program in your firm?

Have larynx. Will travel.

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Your Law Life

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